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Product Description

1.Introduction of Shuttle-less Wire Mesh Weaving Machine

(1) The machine adopts technique of shuttle less and straightaway weft leading, automatic warp feeding and winding. Shedding are small and surfaces of woven screens are smooth. There is not any bright spot, bright trace and other defects on fine screen. The machine can make light-grade in the standard of GB/T5330.

(2) Lower center of the gravity, good stability, low noise and energy consumption, high efficiency.

(3) Rational design, simple construction, easy to operate and maintain.

Application: used for industrial purpose, window doors and poultry’s guards,Sieves, filters and other purpose.

Character: single electromotor driving be suitable for soft metal, stainless steel, flexible copper wire, galvanized wire, etc

Notes: The light metal shuttle less wire mesh machine (LZWJ-1300B/LZWJ-1600Q) after setting up can produce Plain Dutch Wire Mesh, Reverse Plain Dutch Wire Mesh and Twill Dutch Wire Mesh. The Max. Mesh Size can up to 2600mesh.

2.Main machine technical parameters of Numerical Control Wire Mesh Weaving Machine.

MESH SIZE40-400mesh/inch40-400mesh/inch40-400mesh/inch
WIRE DIAMETER0.025-0.35mm0.025-0.35mm0.025-0.35mm
BEATING-UP FREQUENCY120r/min120r/min120r/min
MESH WIDTH1300mm1600mm2100mm
MOTOR POWER2.2kw2.2kw2.2kw
OVERALL SIZE2.6m*3.4m*1.4m2.6m*3.7m*1.4m2.6m*4.2m*1.4m

1. Both longitude wire and cross wire can be feed from wire coils automatically.

2. The raw material is applicable for low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire.

3. It has advantage such as design reasonable, low noise, more stable, easy operation and electromagnetism adjustable speed for welding.

4. The mesh size is precise and the machine can be set the width and length according to customer' s requirement.

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