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Do You Know Barbed Wire Loom?

May. 22, 2020


Wire Net Weaving Machine adopts microcomputer control and electromechanical integration to automatically complete the processes of spinning, shearing, coiling, and hemming. Barbed wire weaving machine materials: galvanized wire, lead wire, low-carbon steel wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, PVC wire and metal wires of various materials. What are the advantages of barbed wire braiding machine? It is crocheted, with uniform mesh holes, smooth mesh surface, elegant appearance, wide mesh width, thick wire diameter, non-corrosive and long service life, simple weaving, beautiful and practical. What are the uses? The emergence of barbed wire braiding machine is a great innovation in the fully automated production of diamond mesh. It uses a lot of manpower and the overall mechanical performance is relatively stable, so that the galvanized chain link fence enters fully automatic mechanized production. Let's take a look with the Mesh Wire Net Weaving Machine Manufacturer.

The positive and negative twisted barbed Mesh Wire Net Weaving Machine is composed of two parts: positive and negative twisting, winding and friction winding. It is equipped with four wire take-up reels for easy operation, smooth movement, low noise, and low energy consumption. Electronic counting control. Humanized operation interface of barbed wire braiding machine. The CNC mesh bar welding machine is an electromechanical integrated welding equipment. The big advantage of the wire mesh braiding machine is that the diameter wire is adjustable. The aperture of the weft wire can be entered into the computer to achieve the hole distance you achieve. Let the welding hole distance be changed, you can enter the hole distance into the computer to achieve the hole distance you want, the hole distance can be adjusted at will. The power of the wire mesh braiding machine is an integrated deceleration electromagnetic brake motor, which is controlled by a frequency converter, the speed is adjustable, the upper and lower electrodes are modularly designed, and the mesh hole is convenient and fast to adjust. , The horizontal wire hopper is installed on a movable wire-drawing frame, which is convenient for adjustment and maintenance. The wire-drawing part is driven by a stepper motor, and multiple horizontal wire spacings can be set on the same mesh. Twisted two-part connection,

Barbed wire braiding machine 1. Barbed wire braiding machine adopts synchronous numerical control technology, welding time and sub-controlled welding are composed of digital programming system. 2. The weft yarn is straightened and cut according to the specified size in advance, and can be directly placed in the storage tank. Each time the feeding mechanism moves, a weft thread is separated and dropped into the discharge tank for arrangement, and the yarn is automatically dropped. When welding, the blanking mechanism will move a weft thread into the welding level every time it moves according to the program requirements. 3. The diameter wire of the wire mesh braiding machine is pre-straightened and cut according to the specified size, and placed manually in a fixed position (with a wooden strip mold). 4. The radial wire is placed manually, the weft wire is placed in the storage tank, and a mesh can be automatically welded by inputting the size on the numerical control computer.

All kinds of problems inevitably appear in the entire process of the application of the wire mesh braiding machine. I think that the problems mentioned are not the problems of the machine, but the problems that will arise when the actual operation of the application is not timely. The following Zhuo Feng machine command is You explain the problems and solutions that will appear when the chain link net machine is applied in a moment: 1. The wire mesh knitting machine often has the same number of turns, but the length is different. Removal: The thin iron wire is too hard and soft to be uneven. Replace the thin iron wire. 2. Die Bekas Clear: Check whether the grinding tool is concentric with the lead-out shaft, and whether the die is damaged. 3. Common faults: Uneven mesh surface Release: Adjust the wireless handle wheel. 4. The main shaft bearing of the wire mesh braiding machine does not rotate. Discharge: Remove the cover and adjust the clutch. 5. The lubricant of the wire mesh braiding machine does not circulate back and forth. Barbed wire weaving machine discharge: check the submersible pump, the liquid column is too low, plus lubricant.

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