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How Wire Mesh is Made

Jul. 28, 2021


Wire mesh can be understood as a predetermined number of metal wires woven together to form a roll or a piece of wire cloth. When weaving the mesh, it supports specific patterns, and you can customize parameters such as wire diameter, opening (aperture) size, micron level, weaving pattern, width and length according to your specific needs.

wire mesh

Mesh Wire Net Weaving Machine

Woven wire mesh

The process of weaving wire into mesh is similar to the process of weaving cloth. First, set a long string of steel wires parallel to the machine on the steel wire loom, just like a yarn warp.

As the machine operates, wire harnesses lift alternate strands of the wire, allowing a shuttle to pass between strands perpendicularly, pulling along a filling wire, similar to a yarn weft. Then a batten presses the filling wire against the mesh and the harnesses lift the opposite strands so the shuttle can pass through in the opposite direction, producing an over-under weave.

Other weave patterns can also be created.

wire mesh

wire mesh machine

Welded wire mesh

Another type of wire mesh, also called welded wire fabric, can be made with an automatic wire welding machine. This type of grid consists of a series of parallel and perpendicular metal wires spaced at equal distances and welded at intersections. 

To set up the machine, wire is strung through a row of automatic feeders that push the long parallel strands through the welder. To create the cross-wires, another feeder drops short perpendicular sections of wire down on top of the parallel wires. At the intersections between parallel and perpendicular wire, a row of electrical resistance weld heads then fuses the joints and the mesh is pulled ahead, while another perpendicular wire drops down.

An enormous range of specifications can be achieved by varying the wire diameter, metal and aperture. Specifications range from the finest sheer gauze fabric to heavy duty rigid screens and this versatility means that wire mesh can be used for a vast range of applications.


As well as many uses within the domestic environment,  woven wire is commonly used for a myriad of industrial filtration, sieving, shielding, sifting, screening, sorting and separation processes. We offer a range of wire mesh machine designed to cater for common industrial processes, and regularly work with customers to develop custom solutions to meet their unique requirements.

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