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Knitting Machine Process Operating Procedures

Mar. 06, 2021


Here are the process operating procedures of the wire mesh knitting machine shared by the Wire Mesh Knitting Machine Supplier

Wire Mesh Knitting Machine

Wire Mesh Knitting Machine


Clarify the safety operation specifications of the Wire Mesh Weaving Machine to ensure the personal safety of the operators.

2. area:

Suitable for operators of braiding machines in the wire department

3. Braiding machine maintenance, maintenance and repair:

When adding lubricating oil, proper amount should be used to prevent splash and overflow.

Wipe the rags of the machine and replace the reported waste hardware accessories in the designated waste recycling bin.

Work protective equipment (gloves, sleeves, etc.) waste should be placed in designated recycling bins.

If there is a fire in the production, the power supply should be cut off immediately and fire-fighting facilities should be activated.

At the end of the work, the waste wires, copper wires and other waste generated on the day will be collected separately and placed in a unified recycling bin.

4. Safety precaution requirements:

The personnel in each process should strictly implement the requirements in accordance with the process operating procedures to prevent accidents.

Strengthen the training of employees and increase the awareness of safe production.

All operators should continuously improve their awareness of production safety, master operating skills proficiently, and contribute to the personal safety of themselves and others and the normal operation of production.

5. Quality requirements

The cores of braided wires and cables should be evenly braided, and the braid density should meet the process requirements. Wire breakage, looseness, scratches, and overlap are not allowed.

6. Handover and process records

Make various process records as required.

Tell the successor about the production tasks and the quality of the shift. Before leaving get off work, clean the floor of the machine and store the waste in the designated location.

If you have a rest or no one takes over, the power supply should be disconnected.

7. Safe production

Pay attention to safety during the production process. The length of the hair should not exceed the shoulders. Female workers should tie the hair flat.

The machine should be stopped when changing and putting on the plate.

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