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What Are the Types of Metal Mesh?

May. 21, 2021


As a decorative material that has been widely used in recent years, metal decorative nets have rich visual effects, showing elegant temperament, extraordinary personality and noble taste. But there are many categories of metal decorative nets. Do you know these categories? Today Automatic Wire Mesh Weaving Machine Supplier will take you to understand what classification of metal decorative mesh.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

The current classification of metal decorative nets includes stainless steel decorative nets and aluminum alloys, copper wire spiral curtains, steel sheet aluminum plate mesh decorative nets, metal bead curtains, rope decorative nets, and wall decorating nets. Although these screens are classified differently, they have the characteristics of durable, gorgeous and high-end, high-tech content, and the effect is brilliant under the light, elegant and exquisite, and the visual effect is very good. Next, let's take a closer look at various metal decorative nets.

1. Aluminum wire, copper wire spiral decoration net

This type of wire mesh is woven with high-quality aluminum alloy wire, copper wire, and stainless steel wire using Wire Net Weaving Machine. The finished product can be the original color of the metal, or it can be painted into other colors such as bronze, ebony black, and red. It can be determined at will. Its three-dimensional effect is excellent, and it looks dignified and generous. It is more suitable for large-scale hotels, restaurants and exhibition halls.

2. Stainless steel decorative mesh

This type of wire mesh is generally woven with high-quality 304 or 316 stainless steel wire. The diameter wire is a Stainless Steel Wire Rope, a group of 2-4, at a certain distance. The specific distance and the thickness of the wire rope can be customized according to customer requirements. , The design is more flexible, but currently, due to technical reasons, the maximum width that can be customized by each factory is not very consistent.

3. Screen decorative net

This screen combines modern metal smelting technology, has the first pattern and appearance, and can give a strong visual impact, and can provide different optical and acoustic effects at the same time, so that designers can have More development space, suitable for designs with more ideas.

In addition to the Metal Decorative Nets introduced above, there are also metal bead curtain nets, which are stringed together by beads of various shapes; stainless steel rope nets and curtain wall decorative nets are woven from high-quality stainless steel, brass, and phosphor bronze. Compared with the above three kinds of metal decorative nets, this kind of metal decorative net has a small range. The above are several categories of metal wire mesh, I hope to help everyone.

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