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Operating Regulations of Metal Mesh Weaving Machine

Apr. 06, 2021


Here are the operating procedures of the wire mesh knitting machine shared by the Wire Mesh Knitting Machine Supplier, I hope it will be helpful to everyone

Preparation before operation:

1.Workers wear work clothes, gloves and other labor protection equipment before driving.

2. Prepare tools (wire cutters, wire buckle sleeves, hammers) and measuring tools.

3. Check whether all parts of the equipment are normal. If there is a fault, notify the electromechanical work area, and then it can be turned on after repaired by professionals.

Wire Mesh Knitting Machine

Wire Mesh Knitting Machine

Operating procedures of wire wrapping machine:

1.Before transporting the iron wire to the iron wire roll, cut off the binding line of the iron wire bundle with a big shear, and then put it on the iron wire roll one by one.

2. Put the end of the iron wire through the two-inch iron pipe placed on the ground. Fix the small iron wire roll on one end of the winding machine, tighten the screws, pass one end of the iron wire through the wire row handle and insert it into the eyelet of the small wire roller, hold the wire row handle with your left hand and operate the power switch with your right hand.

3. Be sure to pay attention when winding the wire. While checking whether the small rollers are neatly arranged, observe whether the wire turntable is operating normally at any time. Once the wire is entangled, stop the power supply in time. You can continue to wrap the wire after conditioning the iron wire.

4. Shut off the power when it is full of small iron wires. Hold the edge of the pulley with your right hand in time to prevent the wire roller from rebounding and causing the wire to slack on the roller. Finally, cut the wire with big shears. Insert the wire head into the eyelet of the wire roller, and remove the bolt of the wire roller.

Operating procedures of netting machine:

1.Check the machine to make sure it is in good condition.

2 Stand before the machine switch to make sure you can observe any part of the machine.

3. Turn on the machine signal power first, then turn on the power switch, and finally turn on the speed controller.

4. During the operation of the Metal Mesh Weaving Machine, pay attention to the interweaving of the warp and the weft. If both sides of the weft hook fall off, turn off the speed controller and power switch in time. After adjusting the distance between the warp and the weft, perform the operation.

5. During the operation of the machine, pay attention to observe the use of warp threads and shuttle threads to avoid incomplete wire mesh due to running out of wire and not renewing it in time.

6. During the operation of the machine, oil the shuttle part of the machine in time to avoid the machine from being worn out due to lack of oil.

7. After using the machine, turn off the speed controller first and then turn off the signal light and power supply.

Butt welding machine operating procedures:

1.Adjust the current regulator according to the diameter of the wire.

2. Fix the two iron wires in the pliers of the butt welding machine, and pull the safety handle to align the heads of the two iron wires.

3. Turn on the power switch and observe whether the wire welding parts are welded together.

4. Let go of the safety handle and take out the welded wire.

5. Use pliers to remove the excess part of the welding.

Operation precautions:

1.When winding the bobbin or shuttle, it must be even and tight, and there must be no dead buttons.

2 During the knitting process, if the thread breaks or the rollers and shuttles need to be replaced, the machine must be stopped before operation.

3. If the motor or gearbox has abnormal noise or the temperature is too high during operation, it must be stopped immediately, and work can only be carried out after inspection and repair by the electromechanical work area.

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