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The Operation Process Of The Loom

May. 13, 2021


Net loom is now more and more widely used, especially metal wire mesh has basically been processed and produced by net loom, which has brought convenience to the development of textile, fishery and other industries, helping people to complete many previous functions to be done manually.

The emergence of net loom has changed the era of relying on manual netting in the past. In today's textile industry, many types of net loom are blooming everywhere, and have made important contributions to the development and progress of the industry. Today Wire Net Weaving Machine Supplier takes everyone to take a look at the operation steps and points to pay attention to.

Wire Net Weaving Machine

Wire Net Weaving Machine

Loom weaving machine has low cost, long service life, and simple structure. It is a type of equipment developed and designed to meet the needs of the textile industry. Depending on the style, the effect and application industry are different. Wire Net Weaving Machine has strong adaptability, wide adjustable range, and various patterns, such as plain weave, diagonal weave, tapered weave, etc., using shuttleless linear weft insertion, mechanical equipment automatically warp warp, small openings, and flat mesh With warp break, weft break, automatic stop and display light functions, the noise is small during work, which can reduce environmental pollution. Thanks to a variety of excellent properties, weavable mesh, dense mesh and other types of non-metal meshes are widely used in chemical, machinery, petroleum, aviation and other industries.

First of all, we will put the finished shaft of the diameter-reducing machine on the rear support of the loom, and open the bundled wire. Starting from the side of the wire of the warping beam, open the wire of the bundled shaft. The metal wire passes through the warping equipment of the weaving machine, and then passes vertically through the rollers of the weaving machine, and is fixed on the weaving machine. Repeat until the wires are all fixed, and then fix the wires on the spring winding shaft, and turn on the power. When the metal wire is wound to a fixed length, the power is turned off, the spring wire is removed and used as a weft wire, the spring wire is put into a storage tube as a weft wire, and the warp wire is woven into a net to fix the weft wire and the warp wire. After turning on the power, it can be woven into the net automatically.

During the entire production process of the weaving machine, we should pay attention to whether there is a broken end on the warp of the weaving machine before we turn on the power, and whether the weft is in place. When turning on the power, pay attention to whether there is water on the hand. Lubrication, lubricating once every 2 hours on average, the net loom has a self-stop system, the staff should be guarding the work post, in case of failure, it should be checked and dealt with in time.

The above is the operation process of the mesh weaving machine introduced by CNC Wire Mesh Machine supplier. I hope it can help everyone.

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