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Safety Operating Regulations of Wire Mesh Knitting Machine

Jan. 18, 2021


This is the Wire Net Weaving Machine Supplier to introduce you to the safe operating procedures of the wire mesh weaving machine

1.The operator must undergo pre-job training and be familiar with the technical performance and operation of the wire mesh weaving machine

The procedure can only be operated independently after the supervisor confirms that it is qualified.

2. Before starting the job, complete the handover of equipment operation status and other related matters in detail.

Wire Net Weaving Machine

Wire Net Weaving Machine

3. Female operators must not wear long hair or braids, and must not wear skirts or high heels.

Shoes, slippers, work clothes, button up clothes, and tie cuffs.

4. Before starting up, the operator must check whether the protective device of the Wire Net Weaving Machine is intact.

5. Do not touch the rotating part of the machine with your hands and other objects while the machine is in operation.

Do not lean your body on the device.

6. Don't put tools and sundries on the equipment. No objects should be placed near the equipment.

Keep the passage clear. The bobbin waste yarn should be placed in the designated place.

7. If the machine is abnormal or accident occurs during production, it must be stopped immediately for handling

The above is to share with you about the operation of the wire mesh weaving machine. In addition, the company also provides Industrial Wire Mesh Weaving Machines. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.

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