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CWM-1300D Automatic paper cone drying machine

Product Description

CWM-1300D Automatic paper cone drying machine Characteristics: 

 1.Special cotton spinning pagoda paper tube drying machine, mainly for automatic coiling machine, winding into semi-finished paper tube. Automatically inserted into the conveyor transmission chain of the dryer, and dried by circulating operation. After 34-36 minutes, the paper tube is sent out from the oven and can be automatically collected, interspersed into strings, and counted and inserted into the receiving table.

  2. The dryer adopts channel steel frame, custom chain sprocket, and inserts paper tube to adopt high-precision    electroplating spring. The dryer uses asbestos insulation board on the four sides. The main drive adopts high-precision gear reduction motor to drive the chain to run and dry. 

 3. The oven is heated by a stainless steel U-shaped electric heating tube, or the power plant steam can be used for heating. The internal temperature is displayed by the meter (user can automatically control).

 4. The heater adopts medium-pressure fan for air transport to transfer internal warm air, which can automatically control temperature, reduce energy consumption and improve thermal efficiency 

Technical parameter:

Shipping methodUsing custom chain
Warming configurationThe hot blast stove
Suitable for productsAll kinds of paper cone
Production capacity45-60 pcs/min
Electric powerMotor 3.3KW,heating 18KW
Overall dimensions7500*1040*3000mm
Weight (gross weight)2500KG
OperatorNo person

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